Jay Komareck Training Programs
jay komarek teaching


For those interested in a one-on-one experience observing Jay adjusting people in the office or off-site with horses at farms.

For more information please call 303-957-8010.


This program is an introduction to the art of animal adjusting. This seminar is a day long program which familiarizes you with the care possible for horses, dogs and cats.

For more information please call 303-957-8010, or visit Life Institute for Animal Adjusting in Atlanta


This program is about creating flow in the chiropractic adjustment.

– Adjusting is like dancing in that it should have continual movement in order to be graceful and easy.

– Our day long program focuses on the Master Cervical Adjustment and Side Posture.

For more information please call 303-957-8010

“Jay is an incredibly talented and connected chiropractor who is able to convey his teachings with grace and ease. I leave Jay’s seminars feeling more inspired and on purpose with what it is we do as chiropractors. Not to mention I always have a great time!” -Tammi Reeve, D.C.