well it is in our office anyway. Wow, has this been a fun part of practice for me. I have been adjusting animals since 1977 and it has been a continual discovery process.

Animals recover for the most part much quicker than people. I believe the reason for this is that there is no chattering mind that gets in the way of healing. Animals do not understand the possibility of placebo, they either get better or they don’t.What I have witnessed over the years is the incredible speed at which an animal can recover from many types of conditions with chiropractic. This in and of itself is interesting for two reasons. One, as a chiropractor my job is to clear the central nervous system of tensions that build up energetically and physically and the rest is up to the body. I do not really address conditions per se.

The second reason this is interesting is that this same speed of recovery must reside inside humans as well…we just do not seem to access it as well as animals do. It is obvious to most owners as well as us in the office that the animals love getting adjusted. Most dogs know when they pull up to the office where they are. The excitement in them noticed by their owners. We have so much to learn from animals, I feel fortunate to have them be such a large part of my practice and life.