I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED TAKING CARE OF FAMILIES for wellness care as well as those in the recovery process from some life and health issue. Either way, chiropractic is a natural! Natural in that brings the central nervous system to a place of balance. This of course must happen in order that recover/discovery takes place.There is so much that comes at each of us every day…life in all of its varied forms. When we go with the flow, we manage life events and roll with what is happening.

However, when we are overwhelmed by a tsunami of events that we cannot manage well, our life processes are interfered with due to the protective nature of the body. It makes great sense to remove that interference before dynamic flow can begin again, healing can occur and your true connection with life is felt.We have a saying in the office that goes, “What you push to the back of the mind, goes to the back of the spine.” There is no escape from the energies that we feel inside. We may try to run from them in one way or another, but eventually they need to be cleared out of the body. I feel chiropractic is the most efficient way of doing this.I LOVE WHAT I DO and feel fortunate to have found a career that I feel truly impact people’s lives. I am at this writing 35 years at it and still look forward to the next 35. Chiropractic has so much to offer without the use of drugs, surgery or other radical interventions. One can really get a sense of their own energy and spirit which takes what we do well beyond the physical and into the energetic realm. This is what excites me the most.