Jay Komareck Chiropractic care for horses     jay komarek horses

I WAS RAISED IN A CHIROPRACTIC FAMILY with two European parents and five sisters. My father and his two brothers were Chiropractors. I learned early and first hand the benefits of Chiropractic care as the entire family received regular adjustments. It was around the age of eight that I developed my love of horses as my Uncle was in the racing industry.Around that time I saw my first horse receive Chiropractic care and became hooked. I went on to become a Chiropractor and graduated from Western States Chiropractic College in Portland, Oregon in 1977. I later became certified as an animal Chiropractor. I feel my advantage in this work comes from the length of time I have been doing it, the fact that I am a rider myself, as well as my love of horses. The work has always been very satisfying to me. In addition it has been great working with veterinarians who have incorporated vitalistic care into their health care regime for animals.Alternative care for animals has become much more “mainstream” over the years.